Districts 3 and 4 in Prague

Renting or buying in Prague offers many options. If money is not an issue and you enjoy the energy of real city life, then consider Prague districts 1 and 2. If your budget is a bit more limited, then Prague 3 and 4 are excellent choices.

Occupancy Permit Obtained for Phase One of Hermanův Dvůr

Occupancy Permit Obtained for Phase One of Hermanův Dvůr

The occupancy permit for phase one of the exclusive residential complex Heřmanův Dvůr has been granted. This comprises 4 three-storey terraced family houses with a small garden and 3 apartments with a separate entrance.


Informed Buyer in the Prague Real Estate Market

As a foreigner buying property in a different city such as Prague, it's always wise to become familiar with the ins and outs of a particular real estate market. That?s especially true if the market is hundreds of kilometers away.


Prague Real Estate Facts

Buying property in a foreign city like Prague can be a bit confusing, especially if it?s in a different language and culture.


The Reservation Contract

Finding just the right property can be a tedious project, so when a person does find that special place, it's important that a reservation or offer is made so that the property is not lost.


Registering Purchase Contracts

Buying property in the Czech Republic is a bit different than buying property elsewhere on the continent or in Great Britain.


Tips to Renting Apartments in Prague

Renting an apartment in a foreign country can be a great source of accomplishment if you know what you're doing before you sign that rental contract.


Renting a Property in Prague

Nothing can be more romantic than renting an apartment in the historical city of Prague, where culture and architecture date back hundreds and hundreds of years.


Investing in Real Estate

Contrary to popular opinion, there's no perfect time to invest in real estate. Whether you invest in a slow market or a rapidly rising market, you can make a decent return on your investment if you know what to look out for.


Hochtief Development Czech Republic Launches New Website

HOCHTIEF Development Czech Republic has now launched a new website. Under, the subsidiary of HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung provides topical information, among others on its projects in Prague.

First Phase of the Central Park Praha Residential Complex

First Phase of the Central Park Praha Residential Complex

The general contractor Geosan Group is completing the construction of the first phase of the Central Park Praha residential complex in Prague 3, amounting to 180 housing units.

British Studio S&P

British Studio S&P

A new fitness & wellness club with services of the highest quality will be built in the Central Park Praha complex, the most generous residential project in the Czech Republic.

The Vyšehrad Victoria Building Welcomes Another Tenant

The Vyšehrad Victoria Building Welcomes Another Tenant

Skanska Property Czech Republic, has signed a lease agreement with W.A.G. minerální paliva, a.s., in the new office building Vysehrad Victoria Building in Prague 4. W.A.G. will lease 525 sqm of office space and 120 sqm of private terrace and will mov

Central Park Praha: 60% Sold Already!

Central Park Praha: 60% Sold Already!

Central Park Praha in Prague 3 is the Czech Republic's most ambitious residential project to date, with total investment of almost 4.5 billion crowns.


Kavčí Hory Office Park Has It´s First Tenant

The project developer, the company HOCHTIEF Development Czech Republic s.r.o., has signed a contract with the first tenant of the office building Kavčí Hory Office Park.

Skanska Office Index Market Research

Skanska Office Index Market Research

In October and November, 2007 Skanska conducted a survey known as the Skanska Office Index through the GfK research agency. The goal was to obtain information concerning the requirements and opinions on office spaces.

Vyšehrad Victoria Office Building

Vyšehrad Victoria Office Building

Developer of the architecturally unique Vyšehrad Victoria office building, Skanska Property, is progressing very rapidly with its development.

First Property Aquisition for Realtia

First Property Aquisition for Realtia

Nationwide Holding a.s., the sole shareholder of the investment company Realtia, secured* for 1. nemovitostni (realty) OPF REALTIA their first property investment.

Borova Lada Residential Complex

Borova Lada Residential Complex


Tempted by the Townhouse?

Tempted by the Townhouse?

Flexible living has increasingly become a desirable feature in newly built homes.

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