Renting an apartment in a foreign country can be a great source of accomplishment if you know what you're doing before you sign that rental contract. On the other hand, if you don't know the local real estate laws, etc., it can be a true nightmare that colors your perception of the country for years to come.


That's why it's imperative that you familiarize yourself with the local ordinances, etc. Renting an apartment in Prague is no different. To ensure that you have the best rental experience possible, you should read our tips below that could guide you in the apartment rental process.


Insist that everything is translated in English

If English is your mother tongue, insist that any rental contracts or documents are translated into English (or whatever is your mother tongue language).


Usually, if you use a rental agency, they can assist you by either translating the documents from a specific landlord's contract or insist upon the real estate agency using a standard rental contract that's guided by the country's real estate code.


If you still feel uncomfortable about the contract, have it reviewed by a real estate attorney that's familiar with Czech real estate law. It might cost a few euros, but at least you'll have piece of mind.


Long versus short-term rentals If you're looking to rent an apartment for a few months or so, you won't need a green card. However, for longer-term rentals, you'll need to procure a green card for your rental.


Just make sure you have the signed rental contract (in Czech), proof of title of the apartment, and theowner's declaration with you when you apply for the green card. Without these documents, you will not be able to rent an apartment and all your time will be wasted.


The rental contract

Before you sign the rental contract Prior to signing the contract, make sure you note any problems with the apartment on the contract. If the pipes are leaky, then note it down. If the paint is chipped or there's mold in the bathrooms, note that as well.


Even take pictures (stamp-dated) of the problem areas, and then keep the photos for your records in case a problem comes up when you're ready to leave and collect your security deposit rental check.


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