Československá obchodní banka is to finance the project

The Borová Lada residential project for recreational and permanent living, which is under construction in the Šumava village of the same name by MEI Moravia, is now once again closer to implementation. All of the raft foundations for phase 1A and 1B are ready, as are all of the networks (sewage, water supply, electricity) and service roads, including lighting.


The core and shell, including windows, doors and copper sheeting, has been completed for two detached family houses and one apartment building with three residential units.


The indoor installations are currently being completed (water, sewage and electricity) and the laying of the wood shingle, which is the final layer of the roof deck, will begin soon. The remodelling of the ground surrounding the built houses will also commence, along with the development of the hard approach roads to the houses.


Beautiful Šumava Countryside

“We expect that the houses, which are now in the core and shell phase, will be completely finished by the end of this year; this means that the use permit will be granted in January 2008. The first owners of the new houses and apartments will therefore be able to enjoy this year’s winter season in the beautiful Šumava countryside,” says Patrik Legut, project manager with MEI Moravia.


There are plans for the development of another apartment building before the end of this year and, weather permitting, in March of next year construction will begin on two more detached family houses and two three-apartment houses. The entire project, comprising 38 houses (11 detached family houses and 27 three-apartment houses), is due to be completed in 2009.

The Borová Lada project will be financed by Československá obchodní banka (ČSOB). The money paid during the course of development by the purchasers is kept in a special blocked account and is only transferred by the bank to the developer’s account after completion of the given house or apartment and the transfer of the ownership title for the property to the future owner.


Speaking on the financing of the project, Pavla Macánová, director of the Klatovy branch of ČSOB, added: “Our bank offers potential buyers of homes in the Borová Lada project favourable mortgage loans. Favourable means mortgages at a lower interest rate, along with a 50% discount on the mortgage processing fee. Furthermore, mortgage applicants do not pay a valuation fee and, last but not least, do not have to provide any documents in relation to the property being purchased.”


The Borová Lada residential complex

The Borová Lada residential complex, which is under construction in the Šumava village of the same name by MEI Moravia, consists of 11 detached family houses and 27 apartment buildings comprising 81 apartment units on a total area of 5.6 hectares.


The project is designed in harmony with its surroundings and has fulfilled all the regulations stipulated by the regulator of Šumava National Park on whose boundaries the project is located. Therefore, the houses are inspired by the traditional architecture of Šumava cottages and great emphasis is placed on the environment and conserving nature.


The investor is taking into account the fact that some future residents will live here on a permanent basis, while others will use these homes for recreational purposes, or as increasingly popular so-called “second homes”. Those interested in a viewing can now visit the Borová Lada low-energy showhouse, complete with fittings and specifications, every weekend from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.