A new fitness & wellness club with services of the highest quality will be built in the Central Park Praha complex, the most generous residential project in the Czech Republic. The renowned British company S&P Architects will be responsible for the club’s architecture, including the interiors.


It won the tender thanks to its proposed design and its excellent reputation.


The area of sports architecture

The British studio S&P Architects is based in London, has branches in Great Britain and Ireland and employs over 100 architects, engineers and designers. The S&P studio has been operating in the area of sports architecture for more than 25 years and is among the leading designers of health and fitness clubs.


In Great Britain, for example, it has done work for the Holmes Place, Cannons, Roko and Topnotch fitness centre chains. S&P Architects and architect Zaha Hadid jointly won the competition for the design of the new Aquatic Centre swimming complex for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.


Modern sports and relaxation centre in Prague

Regarding the Central Park Praha Fitness & Wellness Club, Milan Ganik, the Director of CPP Development, stated: “The ambition of our project is to build a sports and relaxation centre on an international level.


Both on the quality of the interiors and facilities and in the personal approach of the top-class trainers and the wide selection of modern programmes for the whole family.”


Everyone who enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle will find a comfortable base in the club.


They will be able to use the weight room with the most modern equipment, to intensively engage in aerobics, kickboxing or spinning or, on the contrary, to choose calm meditative exercises such as yoga or tai-chi.


The swimming pool is designed for athletic swimming, though it offers opportunities for aqua aerobics or children's games as well.


There will also be space set aside for pleasant relaxation: a whirlpool, solarium, sauna and massage and cosmetic salon where the clients can literally pamper themselves. The centre facilities include a restaurant and children's club, where the children will be supervised by trained personnel.


Children’s programmes for the active use of their free time will be offered in addition to babysitting. Outdoor tennis courts will also be available for tennis fans.


The fitness & wellness club in the Central Park Praha complex will not only serve the residents of this residential complex. Membership in the club is open to all.


A unique project Central Park Praha

A unique project, which will see the creation of a new residential district, Central Park Praha, is currently under development at the junction of Žižkov and Vinohrady right next to Parukářka Park.


The hybrid nature of the Central Park Praha project combines landscaping with architecture, residence and townhouse features, and the privacy of living in a residence with comforts and services that rival the finest hotels.


This project offers a range of services which no other property in the Czech Republic can: from cleaning and maintenance to car washing services, food and medicine delivery, events for children, walking household pets, translation services and assistance in dealings with local authorities.


The elaborate urban concept is a combination of towers and townhouses, situated on a slope around a new private park. The project also features a luxury sports and wellness club with a swimming pool, tennis courts and a wide range of fitness studios, along with facilities for children.


A green bank naturally closes off the entire area from unwelcome guests.