Renting or buying in Prague offers many options. If money is not an issue and you enjoy the energy of real city life, then consider Prague districts 1 and 2. If your budget is a bit more limited, then Prague 3 and 4 are excellent choices. Here are descriptions of these areas.


How is living on Prague 3

Prague 3 contains some of Prague 2's neighborhood of Vinohrady, a real popular residential spot among both locales and non-locales alike. Prices here are a bit cheaper than you'll find in the Vinohrady section of Prague 2. You'll find a good smattering of Czech pubs and shops, so you won?t have to go far for your grocery items.


This area does not have any real access to the subway, but it?s fairly accessible by tram and bus. If you're renting a car, you shouldn?t have any problems though traffic is a bit snarled. Parks are limited so if you have a big family, it might not be the ideal place. It?s more suitable for singles and couples with older children.


How is living on Prague 4

Prague 4 is the largest residential district in the city, stretching southwards from the center. It's most popular with the locales, so you won't find many non-Czechs calling this place home. That shouldn't discourage you though, as it offers greener living within the city's boundaries.


Towards the southern section of Prague 4, you'll enter a less urban area, with even open patches of farmland. Living here gives you a real taste of Czech life.


Two key neighborhoods in Prague 4 are Branik and Podoli. Mixed in with these residential neighborhoods (contains both homes and apartments) you'll find restaurants, pubs, shops, and other city-type conveniences.


You'll probably need a car though as there is no subway stop here; however, the tram and bus do come through. Prices are much cheaper than in Prague 1, 2, and 3, but it?s also further from the city center. If you have a family and are on a budget, this might be the ideal place for you.


Budějovická and Pankrác

Two other areas in Prague 4, Budejovicka and Pankrac, do not offer the same attractive housing options. Their buildings are more of the communist, non-descript style of apartment blocks, and may not be the first choice for non-Czechs. You can, however, find cheaper housing here, and the areas are better served with public transportation.


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