The general contractor Geosan Group is completing the construction of the first phase of the Central Park Praha residential complex in Prague 3, amounting to 180 housing units.


Central Park Praha Residential Complex

These blocks of flats and terraced houses, which will offer the highest standard of modern living, are already taking shape on the edge of Žižkov and Vinohrady, by Parukářka Park. “The monolithic reinforced concrete structure of all the buildings has currently been completed,” Karel Slovák, the representative of Geosan Group, director of the Central Park Praha project, stated.


Most of the residences in all of the first phase’s buildings, namely the 3 towers and several terraced houses, have already been plastered, the tiling of the bathrooms is being completed and the laying of the wooden floors has commenced. Work on the other surfaces (i.e. the paving stones, paint, gypsum ceilings and skin walls) is also in full swing.


he supplier of the kitchen units has also recently come on board to begin with their assembly. The elevators and other equipment are also being installed. In light of the favourable weather forecast, it will soon be time to start applying the paint to the first building’s façade.


Milan Ganik, the Director of CPP Development, stated with regard to the progress of the construction: “We are pleased that the construction of our complex is making fast progress.


The first inhabitants can start taking over their flats this spring. In addition to the residential section, we are also now intensively working on preparations for the construction of the fitness and wellness club, which will make the possibility of active recreation possible for residents as well as others."


The project offers a services which no other property in the Czech Republic can

A unique project, which will see the creation of a new residential district, Central Park Praha, is currently under development at the junction of Žižkov and Vinohrady right next to Parukářka Park.


The hybrid nature of the Central Park Praha project combines landscaping with architecture, residence and townhouse features, and the privacy of living in a residence with comforts and services that rival the finest hotels.


This project offers a range of services which no other property in the Czech Republic can: from cleaning and maintenance to car washing services, food and edicine delivery, events for children, walking household pets, translation services and assistance in dealings with local authorities.


The elaborate urban concept is a combination of towers and townhouses, situated on a slope around a new private park. The project also features a luxury sports and wellness club with a swimming pool, tennis courts and a wide range of fitness studios, along with facilities for children. A green bank naturally closes off the entire area from unwelcome guests.