Nothing can be more romantic than renting an apartment in the historical city of Prague, where culture and architecture date back hundreds and hundreds of years. Just imagine waking up day after day and experiencing the beauty of a cosmopolitan European city like Prague.


Before you rent that ideal apartment, however, you should make sure that you're familiar with the basics of renting an apartment in Prague. To give you a head start, we've compiled some basic information so that you'll be more knowledgeable during your rental-hunting period.



Prices Just like renting a property anywhere else in the world, make sure that you research current rental prices in the area. Search some of the online property sites that list rentals in your specific area of interest even before you start looking at specific properties.


Another great source for current apartment rates is the local classifieds. Once you have this rate information, you'll be in a better position to know a decent price when you see one. Since listing prices are often negotiable as well, don't hesitate to negotiate if you see a property that you really fall in love with.


Neighborhoods With so many different neighborhoods to choose from, find out which rental district appeals to you. Again, look online to read about the various areas of the city and see what interests you.


Pick out three or four neighborhoods, and start searching; otherwise, if you don't narrow down your selection, you'll be thoroughly confused as to what area to choose.


Security Deposits

Security deposits are common in Prague, and usually amount to anywhere from one to three months rent. As in other countries, the security deposit is only used in the even that there's damage to the apartment outside of normal wear and tear or for non-payment of rent.


Just make sure that your rental contract (insist on a copy in English) states that the security deposit can only be used for damage other than normal wear and tear and for non-payment of rent; otherwise, the security deposit should be returned to you after you vacate the property.


Other fees Rental agencies normally charge a fee equal to one-month's rent. Think of it as an investment since local agencies are familiar with local real estate laws.