Would you like to sell your property? Then you supposedly want to sell it as fast as possible. Unfortunately sale of property is usually very complicated process that is everything but fast. On the contrary sale is dragging or seems to be practically impossible. 


However, if the person concerned needs the money as soon as possible, it can bring many nervous feelings.  Property buy-outs for cash seem to be real “salvation”. Is it profitable for the owner though?


Property buy-outs represent one major advantage for the owners- speed of receiving the money. From taking up interest to final receiving money on account, it usually takes one week. For the speed the owner of property pays high price represented by considerably reduced price of buy-out. This price can be even half of the price the owner would get on market.



The property buy-outs are done by big real estate agencies that have sufficient capital especially in form of free money funds. These companies offer property buy-out including other services. If the owner wants to offer the property to the real estate agency, it is possible to choose one specific company and make the request.


They usually buy-out apartments, family houses, apartment houses, land, recreational areas and commercial properties. In the first phase, the agency charges experts with examination and measurement. They consider chances for selling the property.


Therefore it is not possible to get rid of any property, but only those which represent chance for sale to other final user.  Excluded are not even the properties burdened with executions or other law limiting.


Some of the buy-outs that are done by small unknown companies can be more like fraud. Usually they post telephone number that makes you call on very expensive lines. Therefore it is wise first to check on the internet if the company has trustworthy representation and has office and trustworthy seat.