Are you purchasing a property? When taking over the keys, it is important to be on guard, even several following years, when it is possible to file a complaint for eventual defects on the property. From the beginning of 2014, new civil code comes into effect.


This brings changes in the area of complaints on properties. Now, all who had supplied to the building of the property will be liable, including sub-suppliers. When it would come to eventual court trial, owners of properties could make reprisal upon sub-suppliers.


New civil code brings several changes that concern property owners, current or future. One of the news is this one- at whom it is possible to claim damages on the property. From the beginning of the New Year it will be possible not only at major supplier but also at his sub-supplier. That is very useful for property owners, less for the suppliers.



Suppliers who do not have any closer relationship with the company, that works on the building can come across significant trouble. It will be their responsibility to prove, that their material did not inflict the damage therefore are not responsible for paying for the damage.


Owner can sue all subjects that had anything to do with the building and claim compensation. If the action for compensation turns out in favor of the owner, it is possible to order execution on all subjects or a specific one.



Property owner is not obliged to find out who exactly caused the damage and if it was caused by faulty job or material. In case the owner finds any defects when taking over the property, he can always claim compensation from all suppliers. Supplier and sub-supplier therefore are liable for eventual damages together and equally.


The owner can even decide if he wants the compensation from specific supplier or from all of them. For example, if the owner finds windows poorly installed, he can claim compensation from the installation company or the supplier of the windows.