Initiative associates bank clients who are not satisfied with paying the fee for loan account administration. According to the initiative charging the fees is immoral and banks do not have right to do so.


The main goal of this enterprise is to enforce already paid fees back and also to prevent banks from charging it in the future. It is important to say, that nowadays many banks already do not require these fees, which used to mount up to hundreds of CZK per month.


Enterprise represents unsatisfied clients, to whom it offers representation in front of court relatively cheap. entered a lawsuit against bank institutions after it proved fruitless to arrange with banks reimbursing the administrating fees.



Currently many different court hearings are proceeding, however with alternating success. First of the hearings agreed with enterprise Court for Prague 5 ruled that Hypotecni banka reimburses its clients. Similar ruling brought arbitrator who decided Komercni banka has to pay the client 80 CZK back and imposed a fine 15 000 CZK.


Other hearings were not as positive for the enterprise. Latest, court took side with Ceska sporitelna. It ruled that if a contract was signed, then it should be continued according to the contract and the fees are not immoral as long as it was signed according to czech law.


Court also awarded the defendant with process costs. Representatives for however consider this court decision as an individual of one judge. They still insist that fees are charged contrary to law and plan to appeal at Constitutional Court.