A new salt cave is opening on March 27th in the Holešovice Brewery complex. It was built in one of 15 commercial spaces on the ground floor of the original brewery fermentation building which has now been renovated for loft living.


Thus not only the residents of the adjacent loft flats, but also people living and working in the near vicinity will be able to find rest and relaxation within easy reach in one of the largest salt caves in the country.


The Mineral Salt Cave

With an area of 140 sqm the Mineral salt cave ranks among the largest salt caves in the Czech Republic. It promises visitors a rest in an original environment with stalagmites, ponds and a waterfall. It is located in one of the non-residential units that the owner bought from project developer, ING Real Estate Development.


With regard to the selection of a suitable space, the owner of the Mineral salt cave, Vladimír Nemčok, stated: "I carefully followed the reconstruction of the former brewery complex and was thrilled by it. And that´s the reason why I embraced the opportunity to create a salt cave in this beautifully-reconstructed building and in the neighbourhood I love.


The non-residential spaces, like the flats, are designed to be unconventional and interesting, with arched ceilings. These arches fit in perfectly for our salt cave with its artificial stalagmites."


The relaxation cure in salt cave

Everyone, from small children to seniors, can enter the salt cave. According to experts, one hour-long stay in a salt cave containing Dead Sea salt is comparable to a two- or three-week visit to the sea. The relaxation cure takes place in adjustable chaise lounges, with music and lighting to aid the overall relaxation.


On the ground floor of the renovated building there are 9 retail units with an average area of 140 m2. Six spaces measuring about 137 m2, which can be used, for example, as storage facilities for the retail spaces, are located across the hall.


The non-residential spaces are meant primarily to be sold. Their designs are just as original as the residential area. "The ceilings are arched and the entire space is a little reminiscent of a wine cellar, though with access to daylight.


The entrances and glass shop windows lead to a courtyard with a fountain. The small shops or workshops here will certainly help to make this lively urban centre complete. At the moment we are in negotiations with several parties that are seriously interested in purchasing other non-residential spaces.


Moreover there is already a supermarket and a drug store in the project so the inhabitants of the complex have shops in the immediate vicinity, Pavel Ebr, the Letting Manager from ING Real Estate Development, stated.


The A7 Holešovice brewery complex is part of a multifunctional urban centre. It extends between U Průhonu, Komunardů, U Uranie and Na Maninách streets on the grounds of the former První pražský měšťanský pivovar brewery.


Modern buildings with 115 housing units were built here and the brewery´s fermentation building was reconstructed with 40 largely loft flats with an industrial character. ING Real Estate Development carried out the successful reconstruction between 2006 and 2009. The project was designed by the renowned architect´s office CMC architects.


"Best of Realty 2009"

Last November the A7 Holešovice Brewery project also won in the category of residential projects with the strongest representation in the prestigious "Best of Realty 2009" awards.


It then affirmed the award with further success, specifically taking first place in the 9th annual CIJ Awards Czech Republic in the category of !"2009 Best Residential Development."