The Kolovrátek residential project with 43 flats from the CODECO development company obtained its valid construction approval in February. The construction of three low-rise buildings began in September 2008 and was completed at the end of last year, precisely according to the plan.


A show flat has been available for viewing since the autumn. From February the final inspections or pre-acceptance of the housing units has been underway for the new owners, who will consequently be able to start moving in.


Location of the Kolovrátek project

The Kolovrátek project with 43 housing units was built in the city district of Kolovraty in the Southeast part of Prague 10 and it offers pleasant family living in a quiet location within reach of the countryside?


The construction was successfully completed and we managed to receive its approval without the slightest problem. Thus the Kolovrátek project has been added to our portfolio of successfully-completed projects, which include the NAD BOTIČEM residential project and POD HANSPAULKOU luxury housing.


"We are proud that we completed the construction according to the specified schedule and that we can start handing over the flats to their new owners, who will not only find quality housing and a pleasant location but also a complete infrastructure.


The municipality recently expanded the spaces of the school and kindergarten" said Martin Jan, CODECO´s Sales and Marketing Director. The non-residential spaces in our project will also serve the local inhabitants.


We have already sold two ground-floor non-residential units measuring 44 and 101 m2. A beauty and hair salon will be in one and in the other the establishment of a service centre for the inhabitants of Kolovraty is planned that will primarily be oriented on small children and partially also senior citizens, Jan added.


The 43 flats measuring from 36 to 119 m2 are situated in 3 low-rise buildings with gable roofs. People can choose from 1 to 4 room flats with kitchenettes, from 10 duplex flats or from several flats with a large front garden.


The layouts are primarily designed with an emphasis on the functional use of the space and providing sufficient storage space.


Each flat has a balcony, some a garden measuring up to 200 m2. Underground parking is partially provided under one of the buildings and partially in an outdoor parking lot. Each flat has one parking spot allotted to it.


Energy saving

The buildings' low energy rating, demonstrated by the B type (energy efficient building) label, is an important parameter of the Kolovrátek project.


The general contractor of the construction was ČKD PRAHA DIZ. The architectural and project design comes from the drawing boards of SOF. Architekti. Sales were arranged by CODECO through its own sales department.