When most people picture Prague, what usually comes to mind are the famous historical and hip districts of the city. The same holds true when someone wants to take the plunge and rent or buy a property in this cosmopolitan city.


However, with some of the highest prices in the city, these well-known sections of town can be cost prohibitive. Luckily, some of the outlying districts of the city are priced much more reasonably, such as districts 8, 9 and 10. Here´s a full description of these areas.


Prague 8

Prague 8 was one of the hardest hit districts in the flood of 2002. Since that time, most of the area has been cleaned up or renovated, but there are still some sections that are in the process of reconstruction. However, that shouldn?t stop you from renting or buying in this district.


The area of Karlin is located alongside Prague 1 so it offers the convenience of being rather close to the action. In fact, part of the area is only about a 10-minute walk to Stare Mestro (Old Town). It´s an up and coming area for investment, especially around the area close to the metro stations and tramlines.


It has a decent business center and a Hilton Hotel, where you can get a real taste of the area before you decide to rent or buy. Overall, this area consists of a number of parks and attractive architectural buildings.


Prague 9

If someone´s searching for a promising investment, then they should consider Prague 9. Until recently, the Metro did not serve this area of Prague so it was a bit inconvenient to reach the city center. Now, with the addition of the latest metro line, this district is also served.


That means what used to be considered beyond reach has now become a realistic option. Lethany is an up and coming area in Prague 9, and with its upscale homes and fashionable mall, it just might be the area to beat.


Prague 10

Prague 10´s Vrsovice neighborhood offers a taste of the more popular, closely located Vinohrady neighborhood (Prague 2), but with cheaper prices. It´s charming residential neighborhoods provide a real option for those people who own a car, as it´s a bit far from the center of town.


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