Purchasing a property anywhere in the world is a big purchase. Unless you have some background about the locations that you're interested in buying, it can be a risky purchase. That risk would probably double or triple when you're about to buy in a foreign country, where you're probably unfamiliar in the culture, laws, or language of the country.


It can make that real estate purchase that much more stressful and riskier. Buying a property in Prague is no different, as not many foreigners are fluent in Czech nor do they know the real estate regulations.


One piece of the puzzle that can help with that Czech purchase in Prague is to have some background of some of the key residential districts of the city. Listed below is some of that information on Prague 7, a key residential district.


How is Prague 7

Relatively close to the popular and touristy historical section of Prague (district 1), Prague 7 is a convenient location to purchase a piece of property. The neighborhood of Letna is a popular choice, since it's close to the center of town and is located near Letna Park, one of the biggest parks of Prague.


It's a favorite among students and those wishing to be close to the action. Just check out the neighborhood carefully before you plan to buy, as some pockets can be less than safe.


Troja is a pleasant residential area, with a mixture of private homes and apartments. If you like a bit of country living near the big city, this is the place for you. With prices more affordable than other neighborhoods in this district, it might be the perfect fit.


It's also home to the popular Prague Zoo and Troja Castle. Though it?s a bit further out than other Prague 7 neighborhoods, it's still serviced with convenient public transportation.


Affordable housing prices

Though not as affordable as Troja, Holesovice is another neighborhood worth considering. It's slowly turning more residential from a more commercial and industrial area. With its access to convenient public transportation and relatively affordable housing prices, it's the neighborhood to watch.


It's similar to Letna, but without the park. It might not be as kid friendly as Letna, however, since it doesn't have that park.


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