Prague is a fairly large metropolis, so when you're first searching for a property to buy for an investment or for a second home, it can be a bit overwhelming.


Prague, however, is neatly divided into a number of clearly defined districts or neighborhoods, so if you do your research beforehand, you can find some real great opportunities, and not just in the traditional districts of Prague 1 and 2.


These areas tend to be a bit on the high side, so if you're looking for some more affordable real estate, it might be best to look in some of the less popular, but more affordable districts of Prague 5 and 6.


Here's a little background on each of these areas that can help you in decision-making process.


Location of Prague 5

Prague 5 is located right near the more popular, yet more expensive sections of Prague 1 and 2. In fact, Smichov, one of the neighborhoods in Prague 5, is located minutes from the upscale, historical district of Mala Strana.


With excellent public transportation, that means its just minutes away from one of the top Prague areas.


Smichov offers a combination of housing options, whether you're searching for a private house, an apartment, or even a row house. Prices tend to be fairly reasonable but jump in price, as you get closer to the Mala Strana area.


However, if you have patience, you can find a good deal here. Besides housing, this area also has ample shopping which include more Western style shopping malls.


Košíře, Motol and Radlice

If you're looking for more family oriented neighborhoods, try Kosire, Motol and Radlice, as these areas offer a bigger selection of houses that are surrounded by kid-friendly parks. However, transportation is not as good as in Smichov.


Location of Prague 6

Prague 6 is a fairly sought after area since it has many residences to choose from and is located close enough to the city center by public transport.


Prices tend to be on the high side, as two of its neighborhoods, Orechovka and Hanspauulka, are two popular, yet very expensive areas.


Dejvice, another area in Prague 6, is also extremely nice and cheaper than some of properties found nearby in Prague 2's highly sought after Vinohrady neighborhood.


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