One-third of the 15 non-residential spaces on the ground floor of the original brewery fermentation building in the A7 Holešovice Brewery project has been sold. In the building, which has now been renovated into loft apartments and in which more than 50% of the flats have been sold, a salt cave has been operating since March.


In the near future it will be joined by a shop with children's shoes, clothing and toys, a healthy lifestyle clinic with diagnostics, massages and a fitness centre as well as a yoga centre.


Holešovice Brewery

Just like the flats in the building, the designs of the retail units on the ground floor of the "Lofts" building with an area of 140 m2 and storage spaces with an area of 137 m2 are untraditional and interesting. "We are very pleased that these attractive spaces have found new owners.


Thus small shops and businesses that complete a lively urban centre are gradually arising in the Holešovice brewery. The local residents and employees of the offices here will certainly appreciate the opportunity of shopping and using the services right in the neighbourhood," stated ING Real Estate's Press Agent, Renáta Kodadová. Another 10 non-residential units are still available, primarily for sale.


One of the largest salt caves in the Czech Republic was opened in the Holešovice Brewery at the end of March. The owners will operate other sold non-residential spaces in the near future.


The Yoga Centre will offer - in addition to the instruction of hot yoga in a room heated up to 38-41°C for more effective exercising - a wide selection of training and meditation aids as well. A healthy lifestyle clinic will contribute to perfect relaxation all under one roof.


Here, apart from consultation in the area of nutrition and detoxification or the creation of tailored training programmes, those interested can also take spinning lessons, use the fitness centre or enjoy massages and body wraps.


The smallest among us will also appreciate the new shops. In a shop with the indicative name "Dětské boty" (children´s shoes) toys, clothing and other equipment for infants are available in addition to children´s shoes.


Voucher in the nominal value of CZK 800,000

40 flats, predominantly loft flats, resulted from the sensitive reconstruction and completion of the "Lofts" building. More than 50% of the flats have already been sold. "With regard to the current situation on the housing market we decided to make the untraditional industrial loft flats even more advantageous for buyers.


When making their purchase we offer them a voucher in the nominal value of CZK 800,000 which is meant for the purchase of bathroom tiles and fittings from Villeroy & Boch. Thus they can furnish a beautiful bathroom entirely in accordance with their wishes," Renáta Kodadová added.


The A7 Holešovice brewery complex is part of a multifunctional urban centre. It extends between U Průhonu, Komunardů, U Uranie and Na Maninách streets on the grounds of the former První pražský měšťanský pivovar brewery.


Modern buildings with 115 housing units were built here and the brewery´s fermentation building was reconstructed with 40 largely loft flats with an industrial character. ING Real Estate Development carried out the successful reconstruction between 2006 and 2009. The project was designed by the renowned architect´s office CMC architects.


"Best of Realty 2009"

Last November the A7 Holešovice Brewery project also won in the category of residential projects with the strongest representation in the prestigious "Best of Realty 2009" awards. It then affirmed the award with further success, specifically taking first place in the 9th annual CIJ Awards Czech Republic in the category of "2009 Best Residential Development."