Euro Ventures and ITAKA have chosen the general contractor for the Lochkov Lofts project. The joint-stock company Unistav was selected and it began construction work in March.


The first step will lead to the renovation of three original buildings with 59 flats and a new building with 14 residential units will subsequently be built. The entire project will be completed at the end of 2011.



"We chose Unistav, among other reasons, for its references and rich experience. It is one of the fifteen largest construction companies on our market. For the more than 19 years of its operations it has built more than 170 buildings in the Czech Republic.


It has a wide portfolio of realised projects, from residential complexes to the reconstruction of historical buildings, which is precisely what we need," Sylva Krtilová from Euro Ventures explained with regard to the choice.


Miroslav Friš, the General Director of Unistav, added: "We are really looking forward to the Lochkov Lofts project because it concerns the sensitive reconstruction of industrial buildings.


That is always interesting work during which we can use our previous experience. We worked, for example, on the reconstruction of the Schwarzenberg Palace in Prague or the Archdiocesan museum in Olomouc."


The preparatory construction work took place over the course of the winter months. These primarily included the overall landscaping, demolition of unsuitable spaces and fencing and unsightly new extensions.


In the interest of preserving the allure of the locality the surrounding green space was also treated and the trees were given protection against the damage that the construction operations bring. Now the first construction work necessary for the reconstruction of the existing three buildings A, B and C has gotten underway.


Detailed inspections of buildings

The buildings are undergoing detailed inspections and work has begun on the necessary demolition of the unsuitable sections in the connecting building B and in building C with a stone Neo-Romanesque tower with a lower brick chimney.


Earthwork, excavations and the underpinning of both buildings" foundation constructions will be commenced in the near future. The construction of the new building D is slated to begin this December.


There was interest in the project of original housing with a distinctive atmosphere in the former brewery complex even before construction began. "We offer a high quality and non-traditional project with evident benefits.


The largest of these is the building itself, which has an unmistakeable magic and genius loci and is located in a beautiful and peaceful locality. Unique flats with carefully considered interior layouts will be fitted with high-quality standards, including ALNO Impuls kitchen units with Bosch appliances.


Very good prices

Moreover we offer the flats at very advantageous prices which average around CZK 49,000 per m2," added Euro Ventures" Marketing Manager, Sylva Krtilová. "We have prepared virtual tours that show the future form of the flats on our web for those who are interested.


In the near future they will also be followed up by ground-breaking interactive tours with revolutionary elements for designing a new home."


The Lochkov Lofts project offers 73 untraditional housing units in a pleasant environment full of greenery on the southwest edge of Prague, only 13 kilometres from the centre of the city. The entire complex will be comprised of four buildings surrounded by greenery.


The buildings will provide flats ranging in size from 30 m2 to 125 m2 in layouts of from 1 to 5 rooms with kitchenettes and 8 studio flats. The standards were chosen so that the balance was maintained between the original exterior of the former brewery and the modern conception of the interior.


The architectural concept comes from the drawing board of the renowned Italian architect and restorer Alberto Di Stefano, who is currently the Director of the ITAKA development company. Sales are carried out through the Professionals real estate office.