The carcass of the Kolovrátek residential project from the CODECO development company is currently being completed. Upon completion the three low-rise buildings with 43 flats will offer pleasant living in the quiet city district of Kolovraty in the southeast section of Prague 10.


The construction of the Kolovrátek residential project

The construction of the blocks of flats was begun in September 2008 and completion is planned for December of this year. The construction is being carried out by the general contractor, ČKD PRAHA DIZ. The carcass, with monolithic floor slabs, has currently been completed.


The roof frames have been put into place and the roof, including its coverings, has already been installed on building C.


The backbone distribution systems (water, sewage, gas) and wiring have been installed in the buildings. Connections to the underground services have also been prepared; telephone connections will be completed in the near future.


Work is continuing on the access ramps and distribution systems in the garages.


The plastering and the formwork for the construction of the balconies will be started in the coming days. All of the windows in the buildings will be installed by the end of June.


The Ptáček bathroom studio will supply the bathroom interiors (tiles, sanitary wares).


A sample flat will be the first to be prepared from the construction work. The backbone distribution systems have been completed here, the walls are being plastered and the windows have been put into place.


"The sample flat will be completed by the summer so that it is ready for potential clients to view. They will be able to come and see the high-quality living spaces that our project offers.


They will also get to see the standard fittings that are available," CODECO´s Sales Manager, Alena Cajthamlová, stated.


"In addition to standard flats, the Kolovrátek project also offers duplex flats and several attractive flats on the ground floor that include gardens measuring up to 200 m2.


Families with children or perhaps pet lovers will certainly appreciate that."


The energy saving

The project´s low energy consumption, which is demonstrated by the building envelope´s energy rating of type B - energy-saving building, is another important parameter.


"When designing the Kolovrátek buildings we placed a great emphasis on the building´s energy savings so that the new occupants will not only live in nice flats in an attractive environment, but also so that their buildings will be well-insulated and will not leak valuable heat.


Quality building insulation and the use of materials with good thermal-insulation properties for the construction of the roofs and the insulation of window and door openings were primarily used for this," Alena Cajthamlová added.


The Director of CODECO, Radek Zábrodský, also added: "In today´s difficult times we are sensitive to our client´s need for an individual approach and financing solution.


We always try to adapt the schedule of payments to their possibilities, which results in easier access to finances.


We have also noticed increased caution on the part of the clients, who are more likely to check up on the solvency and reliability of the developer and the arranged financing.


In the case of our company and all our residential projects we can assure the clients that we have secured steady financing and we are not at all dependent on our clients' money.


That is why they can deposit a basic amount for a reservation and pay all the rest after the building has been approved. This is another way in which we are strengthening CODECO´s good reputation.


It is a trustworthy and reliable partner for the clients, which they gladly welcome." More than one quarter of the flats have currently been sold.


Nice family living

The Kolovrátek residential project offers pleasant family living in a quiet location within easy reach of nature. 43 flats measuring from 36 to 119 m2 will be located in 3 low-rise buildings with gable roofs. The flats are primarily designed with one to four-room layouts with kitchenettes, 10 flats are duplexes.


There are also 2 non-residential units on the ground floor measuring 44 and 101 m2 on offer, suitable for use as a shop, office and doctor's or veterinary office. Each flat has a balcony and some have a garden measuring up to 200 m2.


Parking will be partially provided underneath one of the buildings and partially in outdoor parking lots. Each flat has at least one parking spot.


ABOUT CODECO: CODECO has been operating on the Czech market since 2004. It focuses its activities primarily on the development of office and residential projects and its portfolio also includes the lease of industrial space and film studios.


The company places great emphasis on the development and promotion of the originally industrial district of Vysočany and has actively participated in its transformation with other developers and the Prague 9 Municipal Authorities.


Its successfully implemented residential projects include: NA ZELENÉ HARFĚ - Prague 9, NAD BOTIČEM - Prague 4 and POD HANSPAULKOU - Prague 6.


The development of the Kolovrátek residential project in Prague 10 is currently underway. Two office buildings have been renovated and fully leased so far as part of the Kolbenova City Development project: KCD 13 with 4,400 sq m of lettable area and KCD 4 with 5,500 sq m of office space.


The seven-storey Kolben Cube building, with approx. 20,000 sq m of lettable space, is under development at present, and the Kolben Tower high-rise building project, set to become Vysočany´s new landmark, is now in the planning stages.