ING Real Estate Development´s residential A7 Holešovice Brewery project has won for the second time in a short while. It took first place in the 9th annual CIJ Awards Czech Republic in the category "2009 Best Residential Development".


This follows on the heels of the victory in the recent Best of Realty 2009 awards. It primarily won the awards for its sophisticated architectural design and for its contribution to the transformation of Prague´s Holešovice district into a modern neighbourhood while preserving the original genius loci.


Highly-regarded awards

Representatives of ING Real Estate Development received the highly-regarded awards given by the Construction & Investment Journal on Wednesday November 25, 2009 in the Hotel Marriott. "We really appreciate the award because it is proof of our work´s quality and of how exceptional this project is.


Along with the CMC architects atelier we managed to sensitively integrate the entire complex into the original Holešovice neighbourhood, to reconstruct the brewery buildings and supplement them with modern buildings in a mutual symbiosis.


A7 Holešovice Brewery now provides all inhabitants with peaceful, luxury housing not far from the city centre. Moreover, the owners of the loft flats get a non-traditional and distinctive home.


We are very glad that the project is successful and is receiving the highest awards," the Press Spokesperson of ING Real Estate Development, Renáta Kodadová, stated. In November the A7 Holešovice Brewery project also won in the highly-competitive category of residential projects in the prestigious "Best of Realty 2009" awards.


Location of A7 Holešovice Brewery complex

The A7 Holešovice Brewery complex spreads out between U Průhonu, Komunardů, U Uranie and Na Maninách on the grounds of Prague 7´s former První pražský měšťanský pivovar brewery.


The residential project proposed by the renowned CMC architects atelier is comprised of newly-built buildings with 115 housing units and from the reconstructed brewery´s former fermentation building with 40 flats, most of which are lofts, and with 15 retail spaces on the ground floor.


The original architectural details of the preserved historical elements, such as the original cast-iron columns, visible rafters and metal joining beams, allow the magic of the past and the site´s industrial character to stand out.


People who want to have interesting housing, who want to let their fantasy run wild when furnishing their new home, creating something absolutely unique, or who want to live comfortably though in an entirely atypical space will primarily appreciate the loft flats.