Until recently tenants divided into two groups. Some lived in flats with so-called market rent which could be determined independently by the owner.


Other luckier ones lived in flats with lower rent which was regulated by the state. This situation was unfair therefore it gradually came to deregulation which since the beginning of 2013 has been finished.


Rent can not be raised unilaterally

 Those who lived in the regulated rent do not have to fear, that the owner can order any rent he wants. It is required to be reasonable and usual for the area. In case the tenant would not agree with the height of new rent, a court can be approached.


The court then decides if the rent is usual for the given area. Unilateral raise of the rent is not possible. It is important to correctly asses the range of rent in the area. With that ren maps can help.


Rent map is only a guide

 Rent map is a guide prepared by Ministry for Regional Development. It is to help to inform about the range of rents in the Czech republic. It is important to note that it still is only a guideline of informational character but is not obligatory and does not order anything.


Ministry had collected information about urban areas with more than 2 000 residents. In cities with more than 10 000 residents, it is also taken into consideration whether the property is placed on the outskirts or in the centre.


Rent map is also a database including information about the state and technology of the property (panel, bricks etc.)


How to get to the database?

 All the information about rents is available to anyone. It can be reached on-line at several links. Link of Ministry for Regional Development (http://www.mmr.cz/cs/Stavebni-rad-a-bytova-politika/Bytova-politika/Prechod-na-smluvni-najemne/Mapa-najemneho) or link of State Fund for Housing Development (http://www.sfrb.cz/servis/mapa-najemneho.html).