If you are renting a flat you can not expect that the tenants will always behave as it was their own property and treat the furnishing properly. Regular inspections can prevent many damages. How to arrange and carry out these inspections?


Negotiate the inspection in contract

Flat inspection should be negotiated already in the lease agreement and it should specify the frequency and conditions of the inspections. Frequency of your inspecting visits is at your discretion. Usual is once in a 3-month period. However you have right to inspect anytime you request it. For example when you have a reasonable suspicion damage is done to the property.


Raids are not very respectable

In the agreement there should be also stated who will be the one inspecting the place. Most often it is the person who rents the flat. In case he wants to designate someone to represent him, it is necessary to let the tenants know in time.


Inspection should always take place on up-front agreed date so the tenant knows about it in time. Unexpected visits (so-called raids) are not very appropriate for building good relationships. Tenant should always be present at the flat inspection.


Entrance into the property in case the tenant is not at home is possible only in urgent cases of suspicion of calamity etc. Therefore arrange the inspection in time and proceed in a calm atmosphere.



Check the energy and appliances

What to inspect? First, check if the consumption of the heat, hot and cold water does not excess the usual figures. Check the faucets if they are not leaking and can be easily tightened. Inspect the cleanliness of the place.


Regular disorder of the tenant does not have to concern you but long uncleaned dirt and filth should not be there. Find out about the functionality of the appliances you entrusted to the tenants. Ask the tenants how they like living in your flat and if there is any problem you could help them with. What are their relationship with neighbors?


Solve the problems immediately

In case you come across any problems, solve them right away. Reparations up to 1 000 CZK are usually paid by the tenants if it is not otherwise stated in the contract. Reparations for higher amounts need to be agreed upon depending on the extent of the tenant's fault.