Do you rent a flat? Then you surely know the most important is the selection of a suitable tenant. If the tenants in your flat change too often you are losing money and it can become a little stressful.


Perfect tenant pays rent in time, keeps the place in order and seeks to stay as long as possible. How to recognize a perfect tenant?


Trust yourself

If you rent to an acquaintance that is properly verified you will have much less trouble. However in most cases you would rent to an unknown person that has to be properly chosen and you have to trust your instincts here. In case you do not entrust real estate agency with renting your flat, the potential tenant will contact you mostly by phone or e-mail.



Pay attention to the impression this first contact leaves with you. Was the tenant polite and introduced himself? Did he give the impression of decency? Could you easily arrange an appointment to tour the flat? Was the e-mail written without any mistakes and in proper way?


First appointment decides

First appointment is crucial when you meet with the tenant face to face. At the meeting should be all those who intend to live in the rented flat. Tenant should certainly come on time as agreed. In case there is a real estate representative, he will introduce the potential tenant to you. Otherwise you should be the first to introduce, then the interested party.


You do not need to be ashamed to ask the potential tenant about the way he lives. First thing you can ask him is if he (or they) work and on what post. Do they work from home or go to work every day? Do they go away often, for example on regular basis at the weekends to the place of their original home? Do they intend to invite often friends and acquaintances to visit?



Of course it is necessary to honor some boundaries and to know what questions would already border with curiosity or audacity. That could discourage potential trustworthy tenants.


Even the smallest trifle decides

Make sure you have enough time for your initial interview to be sure of your choice. It is safe to say that in case some small trifle discourages you at the very beginning, do not promise anything. Most likely your relationship would not work out well.