Have you ever been thinking or searching what is worth to explore while going to have a look at a house? Before you go, take your time and think about what is important to you, what you mind and what you do not. There you go few tips!



Where is the house located? Are you planning a family? Are there enough schools around? Some open space where to go for walks with a dog? What is the entertainment you can get around? Is it far from your work? What about neighbors – do they have kids too?


Are they young or retirees? Single or married? Quiet or loud? What the other houses look like? New, old, expensive, stylish? Is the surroundings noisy?


Size of the home

Next important thing what to consider is the size of your future home. How many square meters did you have at your old place and how many do you want now? More or less? Or the same? What everything you will need the space for?


For sure if you are planning kids, dog or both, there is no question about taking more space. What about garden? Is it there? How big? Have you ever considered growing your own vegetables and fruit? A greenhouse and few garden beds are never a burden! If there are not really many nice spaces outside the property, you can use your garden like a place for relaxing.


Just imagine that. To have there some trees with a hammock, terrace with some nice plants around making shade, maybe you can even hire a garden designer to make it your dream land!


Condition of the house

After you have seen the house from the outside, what about the inside? Is it new, newer or, on the contrary, older or old? What about the static properties? What is the condition of the walls? Do they have any cracks or dirt on it?


Is there any mold in the corners or on the floor? Do the doors squeak? Is anywhere the house moist? If so, what does it cause and how demanding is it to fix it? What is the state of the duct and water pipes? Power lines?


Has there ever been a problem with it? Will you need to dig into something? How much would the potential fixing cost? Can you afford it?


Maybe it is a lot of questions but really important to think about so you would not buy pig in a poke! It will take some time, however a pencil and a piece of paper might help you.


For sure you know the “pros and cons” game and how big significance these single aspects have for you.