Do you own property in desperate need of reconstruction? Do you want to invest into a new roof, thermal insulation, change old windows, build new ecological heating and get rid of non-ecologic solid fuel furnace? Then there is Green savings program that can help you save considerable amount of money.


Green savings to support less energy demanding houses

As its name suggests, Green savings program is supposed to support those structural adjustments of housing that lead to lower heating costs. Therefore living costs would become budget-wise and more ecological. The program had started in 2009 and was run by Ministry of Environment together with State Environmental Fund.


Funds that are provided to applicants are raised by sale of emission allowances. In 2010 the program was stopped for lack of funds and great excess of applications. Now, the program is going to be restored again.



New Green savings program for private property as well as for public buildings

Program is now called Green savings II and its principle is very similar to the one from the first phase. Program is focused on private property as well as public buildings.


Funds are to be divided 70 % into private and 30 % into public property. Mainly are going to be supported reconstructions more than new buildings. The amount of funds will differ from heating saving of each project. The higher saving, the higher amount of funds provided.


zelená úsporám


State will provide 1,4 billion CZK for private buildings

The program will distribute funds either directly or will provide possibility of obtaining advantageous bank loan where the state provides free guarantee for repaying these loans. To participate in the program it is necessary to apply on-line, starting from August 2013.


The request for grant should include whole project documentation. In the first phase, 1,4 billion CZK is supposed to be divided among applicants. In the next phase, reconstruction of public buildings will be supported.