If you are purchasing a property you will be required to apply for a record in land register. What is it for and how is it done?


Land Register: Listing of All Properities

Land register was established in 1993. It is a database including all properties in the Czech republic.  It includes description of the property, its geographic and geometric designation and listing of all parts and components of the property.


Land register serves tax purposes and also property right evidence. In the register all cadastral territories, lands, buildings, flats, commercial space and unfinished buildings are listed.



Deposit Into Land Register is Critical

Deposit (record) in land register is done by Land Registry office. As a consequence to this step a right to property, its change or extinction is established. Those who apply for the record in land register (proposer) become participants in the procedure.


The moment of the record in land register is crucial for the right to property establishment formation of the ownership does not rely on the payment of the price but on the moment of record in land register.


Proposal Has to Contain Several Requirements

Proposal to record in land register can be done by your lawyer or real estate agency but also you can do it yourself. The proposal needs to contain several requirements. In case you do not exactly document it, it is necessary to propose again and wait certain period of time until the proposal is settled. It is submitted on a specific form. You can download it on-line from the website of the Land Register Office.



It has to include data as for example name, surname, permanent residence and identification number of the submitter. Also it has to contain designation of the Land Register Office, name of the parties for the proposal for record (name, surname, permanent residence, identification number in case of natural person or name, seat and identification number in case of legal person).


Do not forget to specify rights that need to be recorded in the land register. Several annexes are required. It is a purchase contract, contract for establishment of easement or contract for establishment of lien. For this proposal you will pay 1 000 CZK, the best in revenue stamps.


You Can Look Into the Process of Record

Process of record in the land register takes different amount of time. In simple cases it should not take longer than 1 month. In other cases it takes around 2 months. You can look into the whole process on-line on the website of Land Register Office. There is an application to see the register on-line.