Have you moved to a new place? A lost official letter could cost you. Moreover at some cases it is obligatory to report the permanent residence change. What are all the places you should not forget to notify of this change to avoid unexpected surprises?


Traffic Inspectorate

If you possess a driving license and you have changed your permanent residence, then you are obligated to report this change. This should be done during 5 days from issuance of new ID. Reporting this change will cost 50 CZK. In case you would not report the change you risk a fine of up to 2 000 CZK.

trvalé bydliště


Do not forget to notify also your bank of the change of address. This change can be done only by personal visit in one of the branches. It should not cost you anything. Except for reporting new address for delivering account statements and other documents you will need to report number of your new ID.


Trade Licensing and Revenue Office

Are you an entrepreneur? Then you are obligated to report to Licensing and Revenue Office that you have moved. This needs to be done in the offices in place of your new residence. In 2 weeks you should obtain new trade license which will cost 100 CZK.




Health Insurance

Do not forget to notify also your health insurance. Visit the branch personally and take confirmation of the permanent residence change with you, fill out a form and report the change.


Service Fees

In time you also need to unsubscribe services to the address of previous residence. Then as needed, subscribe the services to the new address. In case you pay by SIPO, report the change at the post office. Also report the change of residence to suppliers of electricity, gas and transfer payment of municipal waste.