Since the beginning of 2013, certain buildings are required to have so-called energy labels. To whom is this requirement targeted, where to get the labels and what are they for?


Energy Labels Are Supposed To Provide Information About The Energetic Demand of a Building

 Energy labels or cards of energetic demand are commanded by amendment of act. They are to provide information for purchaser about the energy costs in given property. Evaluation of this amendment is confusing and it has also many critics.


However, the amendment became effective with the beginning of the 2013 therefore it is necessary to follow it. Logically the information about energy demand of the property should influence the final price of the property.


The price for property that is not very much energy demanding will be higher and the other way around. It is an obligation to obtain the energy label for those who are building, purchasing new property, but also for those who reconstruct or rent reasonable part or the whole property.


With the beginning of 2016 this will be required also for those who would rent a flat or an office. It is possible to issue a card of energetic demand for one flat or it can be issued for the whole building and then divided properly.



Energy Labels Are Issued by Energy Specialists

 Energy labels or cards of energetic demand are issued by energy specialist who are certified with Ministry of Industry and Trade. There is about thousand of them. Energy label is valid through 10 years. Price has not been fixed.


It will be determined according to the market and offers of the specialists. Currently the price ranges from 3 000 to 6 000 CZK. In case of bypassing the obligation to have the energy labels a fine of up to 10 000 CZK applies. Also without the label, building permit would not be issued.


When selling a property, energy label should be submitted by day of contract of purchase signing.