Did you want to take part in the program „green to energy savings“ and draw funds from state budget for example for building passive house or insulation of your house? Then you should hurry up because currently more than a half of the funds have been already drawn.


Support of economical and low-energetic housing

The program was published by Czech government and was supposed to support ecologically and energetically undemanding housing. Funds that were at disposal for the program were acquired from sale of emission allowance tickets and from a part of state budget.


Owners of family houses and apartment houses can apply for this program. Then they submit their projects and wait for approvals. If their application is approved they can acquire considerable grants for building ecologic houses or for insulating and improving the heating system.



Passive houses are cheaper than regular

Also many of those who own so called passive houses (houses with rapidly lower energy consumption for heating) have applied for the program. They can acquire full grant of almost half a million CZK.  This way can price of passive house be even lower than price of the regular houses.


If the houses is being reconstructed into a passive one, then this grant can cover almost half of the whole cost for the reconstruction. Therefore demand on passive houses is growing, which is confirmed by companies that provide these buildings and eventually apply into the program.



Another 2 billion CZK should flow into the program

Originally there was one billion CZK allocated in the program “green to the energy savings”. After one month from the launch almost half of the amount was given away. Interest in this program is apparent, thus ministry is considering finding more funds for this program.


There are up to 3 billion CZK in plans. Next to investors (owners of the properties) also engineering companies are applying to become certified suppliers for this program.