Do you desire to have your own house and you are standing in front of a decision whether to reconstruct an old house or to build a new one? This decision is not easy at all. Both alternatives bring many positives but also negative aspects. If you choose right you can save a lot of money, trouble, time and sleepless nights.


Reconstruction of an old house- advantages and disadvantages

Demandingness of the reconstruction is usually given by the age of the building but also by the fact how it was occupied. Unoccupied houses deteriorate faster- thanks to self-invited visitors and vandals.


What are the advantages of this choice? For sure the purchase price will be lower. Usually it is possible to move in at once and reconstruct step by step. Usually it is also a land in an already build-up area with established garden. As a positive could be also certain charm (atmosphere) of the specific place or property.



And what are the disadvantages? Layout of the house is already given. There can be faulty distribution of electricity or water pipelines. Also insulation and canalization can be missing. Therefore the reconstruction can be much more costly than you have expected. Also during the reconstruction there can occur other hidden problems.


Purchase of a new house- advantages and disadvantages

It is recommended to decide to build a new house especially in cases when you have sufficient financial funds that you can use at once. Also in cases when you are too busy to have time for reconstruction.


As an advantage is for sure the fact that everything is new, unused and there is possibility to claim eventual damages. You can decide about everything, from design, price to material and disposition etc. If you choose a package deal, it will be very comfortable for you.



Disadvantages are mainly higher price, restricted offer of building land and need for building permit (administration delays). Besides house, you have to establish a garden and in the meantime of the building you have to have someplace to live.


Invite a specialist

In case you are lost- consult an independent specialist. If you will need a building permit (and a building plan) you cannot manage without consulting one. Besides the fact that the specialist will advise you well, he can help you also with other things- legislation, technologies, materials etc.