Fire is a great servant but a bad master. Everyone knows this saying. By far not everyone takes it into account. How to protect our home against a fire?


Fireproof door and windows

Probably most often fire protection is a door, that in some cases it is specifically requested. It protects our home that it divides the property into several separated sections. It is used in boiler rooms or garages. The difference from regular door is in a time needed for fire to go through. It can be approximately 15 to 90 minutes.  Every fireproof door must be marked by a label where the fire resistibility, time and construction is noted.



Fireproof windows are usually installed in place where there is not sufficient space between buildings. Windows similarly as door divide the space into smaller sections. Mostly these are used in commercial spaces more than in households. Windows can be made of steel, aluminium, stainless steel or wood.


Fireproof plasterboard and coating 

These options are possible only when building new interior or during bigger reconstruction.


Advantage of the fireproof plasterboard is that the plaster contains a lot of crystallic bound water. During fire it gradually evaporates. Due to this, resistibility of the building construction is higher by aprox. 30 to 90 minutes. Fireproof plasterboard is one of the most used materials in building industry. It can be used in office space, underground, family houses, apartments, attic rooms or garages etc.



There is a whole range of fireproof coatings, spray application etc. Mostly a fireproof coating on steel and wooden constructions is used. Also spray applications on concrete and steel concrete. These markedly inhibit the process of combustion. An interesting option is fireproof coating of electric lines and clusters. This kind of coating extends functional ability of electric lines during fire. It increases resistibility of the lines against spreading of the flames and also decreases flammability of flammable materials.


Do not extinguish fire but help

Fireproof windows, door, plasterboards or coating do not stop or extinguish the fire by themselves. The advantage is that the process of combustion is slower. Therefore you have much greater chances to get out of the building before it for example collapses. It can also help to smaller damages.