You have probably noted that during last years, many family houses and apartment houses are being insulated. Have you ever thought about the options and materials used for this? And have you ever thought of the reason for it?


Insulation is not only saved money for heating

Money savings for energetics- that is probably the first you think of. And of course it is one of the main reasons but there are more.


By insulating you can cut your cost for heating to the half.  But do not think only about the money. Energy saving is the best option how to ensure enough energetic resources for next generation. It saves environment. Also greenhouse gases are reduced including acid rain.



In insulated buildings there is a condensation point moved further to the outer periphery of the construction. Due to this the risk of condensation of vapors is low. Therefore the risk of molds and fungi is eliminated.


One of the reasons is also extending the durability of the house. Due to the insulation, temperature changes influence is decreasing (e.g. day and night) and the house is protected from freezing through. Thus it does not come to cracks in the wall and crumbling of the coating.


Also do not forget that also it helps the better visage of the house. If the façade, plastic door and windows are well combined, the lookout of the house can be really stylish.


What is used?

First and also the most common kind of the insulation is contact. There are used two insulating materials- polystyrene or mineral wool.



From these materials a board is created. Then they are anchored with plastic stub nails. Boards from mineral wool create a sandwich with perpendicular or oblong fibers. These are also glued and anchored.


Second kind of the insulation is a system of ventilated façade. Mineral boards with hydrophobic treatment are used. They are inserted into profiles or holders of façade tiling.  Between the boards and insulation section there is an air space which ensures ventilation. These kinds of facades also offer great variety of design (wood, stone, plastic with variety of surface treatment….).