Who has experienced any burglary or a break-in into his house knows how uncomfortable it is. Who has not experienced it wishes not to find out. PC, TV, mobile phone, money….but you can also lose things that are not only valuable but also very close and intimate- family jewellery, antigue or a painting. Therefore you better to secure your house or an apartment.


Watch out for windows and door

From statistics it is obvious that offenders usually enter the building via door or windows. For this reason these should be equipped with more safety elements.


It is necessary that safety door have formed steel construction and frame as well. Also the surface should be made of wood or laminate. It has barrier lock system with at least 15 belaying points. Door is filled with mineral wool which helps thermal and sound isolation. Doorframe is casted in concrete and anchored in wall by all sides. Lock has to be part of the whole constructional core. Also do not forget accessories- spy hole, safety chain….



Windows can be secured with safety foil. It is entirely see- through and almost imperceptible so it can be used in households. The foil prevents breaking and shattering glass. When an forced entrance the glass can break (when sharp and solid object is used) but the glass fractions stick together and therefore the entrance is prevented.


Electronics can help you- try video camera or alarm

Advantage of the camera recording system is that the offenders can be easily identified which is great for police or insurance company. Modern camera appliances are equipped with hard disc record so you can see retroactively what happened in your kitchen few days ago. Thanks to internet connection it is possible to have surveillance over your household by pc or smartphone- from everywhere.



Alarm is probably known as evoking noisy alert. Mostly it is a signal sent to the owner of the property or to security agency which immediately dispatches special team to check the property.


Use common sense 

If you go to a vacation, do not share this information all around. It might be wise to tell your neighbor and ask to pick up your mail from mailbox. Full mailbox can tell a lot. Do not share this info on social network either.