The CODECO development company has obtained another new tenant for its KCD 4 office building in Prague - Vysočany. It closed a contract for 750 m2 of office space with Transcom. The office space will be adapted precisely according to the client?s need s and requirements.



The reconstructed four-storey KCD 4 office building lies in the middle of the KOLBENOVA CITY DEVELOPMENT complex, which is gradually undergoing a complete revitalization under the direction of CODECO.


The KCD 4 building offers a total of 5,500 m2 of modern office space, which is already being used, for example, by Nexum Trilog, involved in the development of Internet applications and e-business solutions, and TFN, which specialises in the administration and maintenance of buildings.


The new tenant, Transcom, a provider of outsourcing services oriented on customer service and debt collection and administration, will be moving into the modified spaces of the KCD 4 building in April.


"We always do the maximum for our tenants, and so we tailor the office spaces precisely to their needs and requirements. Plus we also offer them the opportunity for the reduced rent of warehouse spaces right in the complex. The KCD 4 building lies in an attractive location in Prague ? Vysočany by the Kolbenova B-line metro station.


The offices have a modern design and are not lacking important parameters for smooth operations, such as a representative central reception, the possibility of an open-space design and absolutely problem-free parking, for example.


Air conditioning of office

Each office has its own air conditioning unit as well as fully openable windows. The economically-advantageous conditions, along with the excellent efficiency of the leased spaces make the KCD 4 office building an attractive project.


This is also confirmed by the satisfaction of the existing tenants, several of which are also moving their other premises to KCD from other locations,? stated Desislava Michová, CODECO?s Leasing Manager.


"We apply our helpful approach towards clients and the creation of "tailor-made" offices during the preparation of all our office projects within the KOLBENOVA CITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT," Michová added.


KOLBENOVA CITY DEVELOPMENT is located in Vysočany in the Prague 9 city district. The KCD complex is a former industrial area for the ČKD Trakce production plants. In the past was the famed "Kolbenka" or Kolben´s factory, operated on this site.


In light of its size of 14 ha and its compact position in the immediate vicinity of the Kolbenova metro station, this entire area has huge potential for further development, which CODECO is intensively working on.


CODECO´S projects

CODECO has been operating on the Czech market since 2004. It has primarily focussed its activities on the development of office and residential projects, though it also includes the leasing of industrial spaces and film ateliers in its portfolio.


It also places a heavy emphasis on the development and promotion of the formerly-industrial Vysočany district, the transformation of which has seen its active cooperation with the other developers and the Prague 9 city district. Its successfully implemented residential projects include: NA ZELENÉ HARFĚ - Prague 9, NAD BOTIČEM - Prague 4 and POD HANSPAULKOU - Prague 6.


The construction of the KOLOVRÁTEK residential project in Prague 10 has just been completed. Currently, the company has been developing a new residential project, MATĚJKOVA, in Prague 9 close to the Českomoravská B-line metro station.


Regarding office buildings within the framework of the KOLBENOVA CITY DEVELOPMENT project, two buildings have been reconstructed so far: the KCD 13 building (originally production and assembly building of the AERO manufacturing plant from 1934) with 4,400 m2 of leaseable space (fully leased) and KCD 4 (originally administration building from 1937) with 5,500 m2 of office and storage-archive spaces.


Now the construction of other office projects with about 30,000 m2 is underway.