Relationship with neighbors is one of the most important things in life. Everyone seeks to have peace and quiet at home and quarrels with neighbors do not add to it. Many neighborhood arguments ended up in court and several of the ended up even in a criminal offense.  From the beginning of the year new Civil code should come to effect and adjust these relationships. Do you know what it brings?


Fruit belongs where fell down

Do you remember one movie sequence from a movie with Vlasta Burian where two neighbors come to complain that an apple fell down to a garden of the other neighbor? This situation is now precisely adjusted in the new code.



Trees can stand very close to a fence and often its branches overhang to neighboring garden, therefore the fruit can eventually fall down to the other garden.


Some of the owners were claiming entrance to the neighbor’s property in order to pick up the fruit. Many of the neighbors presumed they have right to the fruits- it fell down from their tree. New Civil code very precisely defines that fruits belong to the one who is the owner of the land on which the fruits lie.


You can shorten branches of the neighbor’s tree

On the other hand a neighbor can ask you to cut branches of the tree that overhang. The same situation is concerning roots of the tree.



For example if the roots of neighbor’s tree damage your pavement or concrete, you can cut them. Although you should not start this automatically by yourself- you should first ask your neighbor. If he is not willing to do it or it will take him long time, you can come to the action.


Planting trees by fence forbidden

New Civil code also adjusts situation when due to your neighbor, the quality of your own living will decline. Typical example is when a neighbor plants several meters- high cedars by the fence and casts a great shade to a big part of your garden. According to new civil code you can ask your neighbor not to plant these trees. Neighbor should refrain from action that limits using of your property.