Flats in the Lochkov Lofts project are quickly being snapped up by their new owners. The Euro Ventures and ITAKA development companies, which are jointly implementing the project, have already sold 20% of the residential units in the almost 3 months they have been on the market.


The residential project in Lochkov on the southwest edge of Prague offers its inhabitants a total of 73 original flats in a peaceful and green environment. The former brewery´s reconstructed buildings are meant for everyone who desires unusual housing with a distinct atmosphere.


The Lochkov Lofts project has been selling very well

"The economic crisis is still having an impact on the Czech market and the area of development is no exception. Demand for new housing has stagnated. That is why we are pleased that the Lochkov Lofts project has been selling so well.


We have sold or booked 20% of the flats even before the actual construction began. That confirms our belief that original high-quality housing projects will always find their owners," stated Sylva Krtilová, Euro Ventures - Sales & Marketing Manager.


Apart from an original project with a distinct atmosphere, conditions for success include an interesting location, the well-planned internal layout of the flats, the precise craftsmanship and the high quality of the materials used. The selection of the contractors demonstrates that this holds true for the Lochkov Lofts project.


The standards were chosen so that the balance was maintained between the original exterior of the former brewery and the modern conception of the interior. Mostly natural materials were used such as parquet floors and large ceramic tiles. Not only the floors are made of wood, but the windows and staircases are as well.


Expanding of standard fittings is offered in the flats

"We want the owners in the flats to be as comfortable as possible, so we decided to expand the standard fittings offered in the flats. We offer them the opportunity to choose from several series of fittings from individual manufacturers.


For example in the bathroom or toilet that will be able to choose two series of Spanish tiles in up to six colour combinations from Keraben. Two series of ceramic bathroom fittings are on offer from Villeroy & Boch, which are among the cr/me de la cr/me in this field.


The chrome Italian taps will be from Faris, the shower stall equipped with safety glass from Ravak Rapier complements the elegant white enamel bathtub from Kaldewei," Sylva Krtilová commented.


The flats' other fittings will be of a similar quality. The German manufacturer ALNO Impuls will supply the kitchen unit. Once again the customers will have a wide selection of models and colours to choose from, and they will also have the opportunity to modify the kitchen according to their wishes directly with the supplier.


The standard kitchen unit includes a complete set of built-in appliances from the German manufacturer BOSCH and accessories from stainless steel.


Floors, Door and Balcony

It is possible to choose from three types and up to eight colour combinations for the wooden floors from ESCO that are planned for the living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and halls. The entry door will be a fire-proof security door while those in the interior will be either made with glass or solid whitened oak.


The balcony is covered by RAKO´s Taurus Granit series of frost-proof ceramic tiles and the terraces by impregnated pine flooring.


The Lochkov Lofts project offers 73 untraditional housing units in a pleasant environment full of greenery on the southwest edge of Prague, only 13 kilometres from the centre of the city.


The entire complex will be comprised of four buildings surrounded by greenery, which will provide flats ranging in size from 30 m2 to 125 m2 in layouts of from 1 to 5 rooms with kitchenettes and 8 studios.


The original three buildings will be reconstructed; two of these will be supplemented with new additions in harmony with the traditional architecture. A new building will be added to the complex.


The architectural concept

The architectural concept comes from the drawing board of the renowned Italian architect and restorer Alberto Di Stefano, who is currently the Director of the second development company, ITAKA. The project has obtained its building permit.


The actual construction is slated to begin in the spring of 2010 and the flats are to be completed at the end of 2011. Sales are being handled by the Professionals real estate agency.