Have you decided to start building? Then you probably anticipate, that the result- your house according to you own ideas- will be great. But you should also anticipate that fairly challenging time and frequent dealing with administration is awaiting you. It all starts with building permit. Do you know how much you will pay and where to ask for it?


Several thousands for building administration processes

You can request building permit at construction administration of urban district. Nowadays a fee for this administration has risen up from several hundreds of CZK to 5 000 CZK and more, depending on size of the building. You address the administration by letter to inform that you want to start building or reconstruct already built property.



It is necessary to add confirmation of the ownership, which is valid statement from land register. Administration then has 30 days to handle your request- During this time, it is possible to receive raised objections from your neighbors or someone else. In some complicated cases this time can be extended to 60 days.


To the request you have to add various annexes including blueprint etc. The full list will tell you the administration office. It is wise to come before addressing the request and discuss all your questions and possibilities. In case any of the annexes is missing, the administration will be interrupted and another time limit will be from the moment you hand in all documents needed.


Participants of the administration are you (the one who proposes the building), then those who have ownership to the land you want to build on, eventually your neighbors that could be disadvantaged by your plans.


Thanks to the building permit you can start building

If you are successful, building administration will issue you building permit which entitles you to start building. This permit is valid for 2 years. You should start during this time. In case you don’t, you have to apply once more with all prerequisites.


Then when you finish the building, it is not possible to use it right away. It is necessary to ask building administration again for certificate of occupancy. It finds out if you had followed project documentation and all proposed and approved procedures. Using of the unapproved building is against the law in these days.