Have you inherited or bought property, which is considered state landmark or is placed in protected area? This kind of property can be real treasure but also great black hole for your money.Very often these buildings considered as landmark are in catastrophic state and in need of great investment to preserve them.


If you are planning to restore it, you cannot simply follow your own decisions but you have to take into consideration decision of the office for care of historical monuments. Do you know how to proceed and eventually request money from state for restoration?



Ask municipal or county council for attitude

If you are thinking of reconstruction, you have to request point of view of municipal or county council (in case of reconstruction of national cultural landmark). They will request information about the planned reconstruction and particular procedures. The office will render a decision if this kind of reconstruction is sensitive to the landmark and will preserve its original character.


The council will also issue conditions under which it is possible to proceed with the reconstruction. It is also essential to draw up contract documents that will be addressed to National Institute for Landmarks.



It is possible to cooperate with this institution during the whole reconstruction and use their advices, without any fees. If any artwork is part of the reconstruction (art or handcraft) this has to be done exclusively by professional restorer.


Grants from the community

Reconstruction of landmark can be very costly. This can be caused by fact, that parts of the building cannot be demolished and built as new ones. Part even if in desolate state must be restored. Owners of the property can ask for certain grants for reparation. 


First you can ask for grant by the community or eventually county council. It is possible to address this request in a written form. Information whether it was successful will be published after administrative proceedings.


It is also possible to attend various programs supporting landmark restoration. Information about these programs is possible to get from National Institute for Landmarks.