The POD HANSPAULKOU residential complex, which was implemented by development firm CODECO, is continuing to fill up. The non-residential premises located on the ground floor has been turned into a doctor´s surgery for three doctors and, as of September, will be used as a private healthcare facility for Prague residents.


Luxury Complex

There has been a great deal of interest in the apartments themselves in this luxury complex which is located in this prestigious Prague 6 neighbourhood. The entire building is almost sold out, with only the last few remaining spacious apartments with front gardens still awaiting new owners.


These apartments cover an area of over one hundred square metres.


However, they do not have to be used exclusively for housing; if they were slightly modified they could also be used, for instance, as offices for translators, solicitors, tax advisors or IT experts.


"As was the case with the doctor´s surgery, we are also willing to accommodate the owners of the final few remaining residential units. If a client wishes to do business at his own premises at the prestigious Pod Hanspaulkou address, we will adapt the apartment to his/her wishes and requirements," said Martin Jan, sales and marketing director at CODECO.


The Pod Hanspaulkou Luxury Housing

The Pod Hanspaulkou luxury housing project, designed by architects Radim Hubička and Petr Kahoun, obtained an occupancy permit last summer and its first residents started to move in last autumn.


Four villa buildings, which are built in accordance with current trends in Czech architecture, while at the same time are based on the functionalist architecture of the 20th century, comprise a total of 32 spacious luxury residential units ranging from two-bedroom apartments (3+kk) to four-bedroom apartments (5+kk) and 3 non-residential units ranging in size from 96 to 152 sq m.