Visitors to this year´s design exhibition will be welcomed in the unique loft apartments at the renovated Holešovice Brewery (Holešovický pivovar). This impressive space will become one of the main centres for the accompanying programme at the eleventh year of Designblok which will be held from 6 - 11 October.


This means that now, six years on, the exhibition will return to the location of the very first ever Designblok Superstudio. Visitors can not only look forward to an extensive programme, but also to being able to discover architecturally interesting places which are normally closed to the public.


Art, Architecture and Design

A big attraction for visitors to the A7 Holešovice Brewery superstudio is, for instance, the project by the star of this year´s Designblok, Dutch studio Makkink&Bey, renowned primarily for its unique design work in the area of furniture and lighting.


In Prague the studio will present its collection of cabinets which are used as craft workstations.


The results of the studio's workshop at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design (Vysoká školá umělecko-průmyslová) in cooperation with the Czech glassworks Vitrum will also be on exhibition.


In addition to this, the twelve loft apartments and retail space in the renovated brewery's fermenting cellar will feature exhibits by other prestigious brand names such as Preciosa, Corian by Dupot, Eco design and Czech studios Piršč Porcelain, Koncern and Whitefruits.


Exhibitions and gallery projects presenting foreign design will also be featured, specifically Berlin, Lithuanian and Swedish design. Exhibitions will also be held at which visitors will have the opportunity of purchasing products directly from fashion designers, such as Liběna Rochová, Klára Nademlýnská and Iška Fišárková, as well as the Quicksilver and Simple Concept Store brand names.


Presenting art in Holešovice Brewery

"We were happy to make our premises available for this Czech art festival. The industrial character of the historic building and the new loft apartments are very well suited to presenting art," explains Renáta Kodadová, Business Development Director at development firm ING Real Estate Development, which renovated the entire Holešovice Brewery.


"In this way design enthusiasts, with a feel for beautiful and interesting design, will also be able to become acquainted with high-quality architecture and unconventional loft apartments by renowned architectural studio CMC architects. And good architecture and design undoubtedly go hand in hand."


The superstudio concept with an accompanying programme was first introduced in 2003 at this very venue, Holešovice Brewery, at the fifth year of Designblok. For instance, Olgoj Chorchoj, Monika Drápalová, Koncern studio and Werner Aisslinger held special exhibitions and presentations there.


At that time, however, the fermenting house had not yet been renovated and the superstudio was located in four accessible halls in the former brewer´s villa. This year, designers and visitors have much larger premises available to them and the possibility of taking an exclusive look at new unique loft apartments.


Exhibitions and presentations on Designblok

This year´s Designblok will take place from 6 to 11 October. The A7 Holešovice Brewery superstudio will be open every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tickets are valid for the duration of the exhibition.


Working days are primarily designated to exhibitions and presentations while at the weekend it will be possible to buy directly from the designers at the Design Market at special prices.