Finally! You have managed to save enough finances or you have obtained a mortgage.  Now your journey to a new family nest can begin. Before you come to the house building itself, you have to find the right piece of land. How to?


Let someone to advise you how to choose the land

Land choice is a process which you should think through very well and spare some time on it. The best you can do though is to ask someone who understands the area to help you. You can ask real estate agency, which has information about offers in certain location and also has many contacts. 


Of course this service costs money, but you will avoid mistakes that you could pity later. On top of that usually the price includes legal services as well.



Focus on network, neighborhood and ground plan

Very important is network coverage on the property.  In case there is coverage, you have to find out whether it is covered fully or the network is somewhere nearby. In the secon case it would mean additional costs. Then it is necessary to think all steps through and count it.


Another important role play surroundings of the property. It does not hurt to ask a professional from the building field, who will evaluate suitability of the land for building purposes. Essential is bearing capacity and the sub-soil.


Definitely, you should go to the local office and ask for a ground plan viewing. Make sure there is not a building enclosure on the land. Also look in which flood zone it is situated. View the ground plan very carefully. You can for example find out that in the neighborhood there is a plan for an industrial zone or a railway.



Do not forget social criteria and many ostensible trivias

Do not perceive the land only as a certain place. Think about social elements and aspects related to comfortable and practical life. Think about traffic availability, civic amenities, structure of residents, social life and others.


When choosing a land, you also have to take into mind many little things that can look absolutely unimportant to you. Let’s see some of them.


Is the sun shining on the land for the whole or at least majority of the day? It can significantly influence the heating. To which cardinal point is the land situated? The best is south, the worst (and dissuaded) version is north. What is the inclination of the property? Usually the greater inclination the higher costs.