The increase of the VAT rate means it is more difficult for many people to buy a new flat because the developers have to incorporate the increased expenses into their prices.


The Central Park Praha project has decided to go against the unpleasant trend of increasing prices for new properties.


It is introducing a new price list from 1 February 2012 - now customers will be able to buy a flat from only 55 thousand CZK/m2, and that includes VAT, a cellar stall and a parking spot.


Central Park Praha


The prices of flats

"This we are making our project even more accessible for the public at large. Flats can be bought here for a price of from 2.6 million crowns which, when considering their high standard of workmanship and the projects excellent location (only ten minutes from the very centre of Prague) is a very favourable price,"explained Radomír Němeček, the General Director of CP Praha.


The prices for all categories of flats were optimised: from the penthouses offering wonderful views of the Prague panorama and the terraced houses joining the advantages of living in a house while being in the city centre, to classic flats with layouts both small and large.


The prices for the last five terraced houses have been lowered by up to 40%.


"With the attractive new price list, which will be valid from February 1st and for which we are not planning any further changes, we will be giving potential clients a unique opportunity to acquire new, high-quality housing with an expansive private park for a very advantageous price, whether they plan to live in it or to use it as an interesting investment," Němeček added.


More than 250 flats have already been sold in the Central Park Praha project. "Last year we sold ninety flats, which is an excellent number when you consider that a common residential project has 40 to 50 units on average.


Ninety sold flats means that we actually sold out two projects," pointed out Němeček. And he added: "Seeing as there are a total of 547 flats in Central Park Praha, we are essentially selling ten or eleven of such small projects.


Moreover Central Parks size allows us to offer deluxe services for low fees, because they are calculated among a large number of housing units."


Location of Central Park Praha

Central Park Praha is a project for a residential neighbourhood in Žižkov. It is located in the vicinity of Parukářka Park and is flanked by Ke Kapslovně, Pitterova and Malešická streets.


It is primarily characterised by the abundance of greenery, its location in a desirable locality, excellent traffic accessibility to the centre of the city and attractive views of the Prague panorama.


It offers a total of 547 flats with a wide variety of layouts and sizes ranging from one-room flats with kitchenettes and a size of 32 m2 through spacious five-room residences with an area of 180 m2 up to expansive penthouses on the uppermost floors.


There are also unconventional terraced houses on offer that combine living in the city centre with the advantages of a family house surrounded by greenery.


About CP Praha

CP Praha s.r.o. is the developer of the Central Park Praha residential complex, which is going up on the territory of Prague 3 nearby Parukářka Park.


The project was ultimately approved and completed in the autumn of 2009. The flats and houses are now ready to be moved into immediately.