First steps

When you decide to sell your property you can do it on your own, of course, but even some research say that with an agent it is much easier. The agent can give you pieces of advice how to be more successful and it will be also in his own interest that the selling process is as fast as possible.


Before you actually offer your place to the market, take it to a “hairdresser”. It simply means make it attractive for the future takers. The better look, the more takers, the better price! You should put away any family stuff so the property looks impersonal, clean it and if it has its own garden it should look well-kept.




These all previous mentioned facts do a good job on the final price. The main ones are of course locality, area (square meters), age, state and facilities.


Also surroundings are very important. If it is peaceful and calm with lots of nature around, it will again rise up the price, on the contrary if there is noise and traffic the price will go down. One more fact that can influence it is the total offer of properties in that locality.


Intermediary contract and marketing

Your agent presents you carefully all conditions of your cooperation. If you agree, you will conclude an intermediary contract with the real estate agency you have chosen.


This contract ensures seriousness of the whole selling procedure and allows the agent to deal with potential takers. That means that he can take them into the house and show them everything.



Of course, he would choose only seriously interested people with good manners. Because, as it has been already mentioned, natural and easy-going selling process is also in the agent’s interest. Who would wish additional problems?


Your broker will also ensure that the takers’ possibilities match with your criterion, such as price most importantly.


This all saves plenty of your time!


The real estate agency also puts your property on their pages to make as best marketing as possible so the selling is fast and smooth. Here is the reason why you had to take your house to a “hairdresser”! The agency needs some photos for this purpose and as you can see they will be available on the internet to anyone who is interested in such a property.


Once more – “dress up” your house the best as you can!




When there is finally a serious buyer he will sign a reservation contract and pays a reservation fee. In the intervening time you and your broker prepare the selling contract.


You and the opposite site will sign necessary documents and the agency ensures the registration of the new owner in the Cadastre.


At the end, when all paper work is done, the real estate agency release your money for your, since now, “ex-house”.