As buying a place to live is most probably the biggest investment of your life, let’s think about how to choose the right agent!


 Do not be afraid to ask

Undoubtedly your real estate agency should leave you free hands. As it has been already said – it is a big investment, it is your money!That is why between you and your realtor a “nice chemistry” is necessary. Once you meet do not be afraid to ask him several questions, simply do not be afraid to talk.


You can ask about how he likes his job and if he works part-time or full-time.



Or why he has chosen such a job. How did he get to work as an agent and what trainings, education he has run through? Is any of it advanced? This all will help you indentify how interested and deep the person in his job is.


Documents and any other proves of his work

Try to find out what his experience is, how many properties has he sold and from how many trials. And if he can provide references from last few sales. Run it as a normal conversation and again-no fear from asking for documents and any other proves of his work.


If you feel fine with all the provided information you can keep going and tell him about your imagination and demands.



Price, location, age, environment, surroundings, noise, size, garden, etc. After this you can put down next questions as: How well do you know the area where I want to live? Is there anything special to expect from you? What information can I get from you when I will be exploring the chosen places?


What is the market conditions like and how will it affect the price? How wide are your resources? And most importantly, agree together how you will communicate when you will be in the house with the owner.  How will you get to know what is good and what bad? What is truth and what not?


Agent is here for you

The last point is very important for the process itself. Of course it does not mean that you would have to be silent the whole time but radical decisions rather consult with the agent first. He is there for you, so use it!