Have you purchased property and already moved in? Great, but be prepared for several errands to register your residence on the new address.


Register Your New Residence With Office

Luckily it is not necessary to go to the office under which your previous address falls. In case you go there expect to have your ID with you and that corner of your ID will be cut. Devaluation of your old ID can be also done in the office in the place of your new residence therefore you can go directly there. 


There you also register the permanent residence change thus you change record in the population register.




Do Not Forget Statement From Land Register

Take the above mentioned ID and documents proving your right to use of the real estate with you. In case you apply for permanent residence change due to property purchase, you will need to take the purchase contract and certified copy of statement from land register with you (simple copy from the internet is not sufficient).


Together with an official you will fill out the necessary forms. You will also acquire confirmation of the permanent residence change because your old ID expires. In this confirmation previous and the new address will be stated. For this procedure you will pay 50 CZK.




An Exchange of ID Is theNext Step

Immediately you should visit relevant department to issue new ID. For this process you will need a filled out form, already mentioned confirmation of the permanent residence change and your current photo. It will not cost you anything and your new ID will be ready in 3 weeks.


What Is Permanent Residence For?

Permanent residence does not establish any right to housing or any relation to the property. It serves mainly evidence purposes. For example taxes are paid based on the permanent residence. Also it allows you to vote, collect your documents etc.