If you've decided to sell your property with the assistance of a real estate agency you should take into account several things typical for the Czech real estate market: 


As providing intermediary services for real estate transactions requires only a trade licence (which is relatively easy to obtain), there is a high possibility of encountering an agency whose staff members do not possess necessary skills and qualifications.


A large agency doesn't give you a guarantee that your property will be sold for the best price and the selling process will run smoothly. The substantial part of the deal depends on a real estate broker's professionalism and integrity what doesn't refer to all employees of reputed firms. 



Steps You Can Undertake To Increase a Probability of Choosing a Trustworthy Broker

1. Make Use of Recommendations.

You have several options: either you ask your relatives and friends who dealt with real estate brokers in the past or consult other people who enjoy your confidence such as financial consultant, representative of your bank or notary. 


Another option is to find online reviews, however in this case you should bear in mind that sometimes the quality of information can be doubtful. Customer reference lists which can be found on web pages of real estate agencies may be very helpful.


Some companies go even beyond this by organizing personal meetings with clients during which people who already have experience with this agency share it with you.



2. Get acquainted with real estate agency website.

The power of first impression along with search (easy / cumbersome), website layout (transparent / disorganized), quality of photographs and property descriptions, ad servers, market presence (how long?), types of services the agency provides is likely to determine whether you will be interested in further cooperation with it or not.



3. Look through services the agency renders.

Good real estate agency doesn't take responsibility only for financial side of the deal, it also helps with provision and preparation of relevant documents such as ownership certificate, articles of association, confirmation of membership of association membership, etc.


In addition serious agencies will offer you to record a respective entry into real estate cadastre, assist in subsequent processing of transfer tax declaration, get appraisal report, etc.



4. Arrange a personal meeting in real estate agency office.

Seemingly unimportant details such as office equipment and corporate atmosphere can contribute to your opinion formation.


In addition it will shed the light upon your potential broker's personality. Was he / she late or a meeting started on time? How did he / she behave during initial negotiations? Was he / she capable to answer all your questions?



5. Try to draw up a psychological portrait of your potential broker. 

Look for a sincere, reliable, harmonious and balanced personality. If a person is a swindler, no membership in the Association of Real Estate Offices of the Czech Republic can prevent your cooperation from becoming a disaster.