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NEWS 01.06.2015

How is building permit issued?

Have you decided to start building? Then you probably anticipate, that the result- your house according to you own ideas- will be great. But you should also anticipate that fairly challenging time and frequent dealing with administration is awaiting you.

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NEWS 03.02.2014

How to end proprietary to real property?

Are you an owner of a real property or are you planning to buy one? It is quite clear how to acquire a property. Do you also know how it is possible to end the possessive right to the property?

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NEWS 23.09.2013

New Civil code adjusts also neighborhood relationships

Relationship with neighbors is one of the most important things in life. Everyone seeks to have peace and quiet at home and quarrels with neighbors do not add to it. Many neighborhood arguments ended up in court and several of the ended up even in a crimi

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NEWS 20.09.2013

Inherited property with mortgage can be expensive

Have you inherited property? Then you should anticipate heritage administration and several other obligations you have to fill to get the property in your own hands. In case there is a mortgage on the property, it can happen that you inherit not only the

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NEWS 12.09.2013

How does office for care of historical monuments influence reconstruction?

Have you inherited or bought property, which is considered state landmark or is placed in protected area? This kind of property can be real treasure but also great black hole for your money. Very often these buildings considered as landmark are in catastr

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NEWS 28.08.2013

Mortgage interest rate is not falling

Not very long ago it seemed as mortgages would continually decline and we would pay peanuts for it. Banks competed in who would offer the best deal and the most convenient loan with the lowest interest rate. However as it now seems, this sale competition

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NEWS 14.08.2013

How to build up a driveway?

Constructive boom still continues and there are many buildings under construction on every possible or even impossible place. Very often, building sites are built over where does not exist any driveway. It is necessary to build it first. Do you know how t

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NEWS 12.08.2013

Renting an apartment without final approval

New Civil code brings several changes into the area of living and real estate. Its main purpose is to simplify relations not only in the area of renting. One of the novelties is a possibility of rental relation without having the final approval for the pr

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NEWS 28.07.2013

New Civil code changes principle

From the beginning of 2014 new Civil code will be brought into effect. It brings variety of changes and it will influence lives of all citizens in the country.

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NEWS 24.05.2013

New land registerlaw introduces new fees and tries to prevent fraud

Beginning with 1.1.2014 new land register law will become effective. It was ratified not long ago and can significantly influence the amount of fees that owners of the property will pay.

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NEWS 02.03.2012

Construction of Kolovrátek Project Sucessfully Completed

The Kolovrátek residential project with 43 flats from the CODECO development company obtained its valid construction approval in February.

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NEWS 28.02.2012

International Property Show Dubai 2013

The IPS Organizing Committee would like to welcome you to the 9th edition of the International Property Show.

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NEWS 12.01.2012

Central Park Praha Introduces a New Price List

The increase of the VAT rate means it is more difficult for many people to buy a new flat because the developers have to incorporate the increased expenses into their prices.

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NEWS 30.05.2011

New Office Building Balabenka in Prague

Skanska Property Czech Republic announces its leasing start of the office building formerly known as Vysočanská brána in Prague.

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NEWS 30.01.2011

New Tenant Moving Into the KCD 4 Office Building in Vysočany

The CODECO development company has obtained another new tenant for its KCD 4 office building in Prague - Vysočany. It closed a contract for 750 m2 of office space with Transcom.

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NEWS 17.01.2011

Skanska`s City Green Court

Skanska proudly announces that the new office project City Green Court in Prague has received LEED Platinum Pre-certification, the highest level of the latest version of LEED.

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NEWS 19.07.2010

One-Third of the Non-Residential Space in the A7 Holešovice Brewery Project Has Been Sold

One-third of the 15 non-residential spaces on the ground floor of the original brewery fermentation building in the A7 Holešovice Brewery project has been sold.

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NEWS 25.06.2010

Carcass of Adina Block of Flats Completed

The carcass of the Adina block of flats was completed this week in the Biografy Barrandov project. The project is going up on the southeast edge of Prague´s Barrandov district under the direction of Bouwfonds ČR bytová výstavba.

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NEWS 23.06.2010

Codeco is preparing Matějkova a New Residental Project

CODECO´S new project is going up on Matějkova Street behind the GONG Theatre in the area of Podvinný mlýn in Prague´s Vysočany district. The block of flats, which takes its name from the street of the same name, Matějkova, offers a total of 61 flats.

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NEWS 04.06.2010

The Second Auction of New Flats and Homes

The historic second auction of new flats and family houses from development projects took place on Thursday, May 27th in Prague.

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