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How To Sell 23.06.2015

How to sell a flat with a mortgage?

To sell a flat with a mortgage is not unusual nowadays. Some people experience difficulties repaying, others would like to purchase new housing or a place on a different address before their mortgage is completely repaid. How to get rid of this flat?

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NEWS 01.06.2015

How is building permit issued?

Have you decided to start building? Then you probably anticipate, that the result- your house according to you own ideas- will be great. But you should also anticipate that fairly challenging time and frequent dealing with administration is awaiting you.

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Advisor 22.05.2015

Choose land for house building very carefully. What to focus on

Finally! You have managed to save enough finances or you have obtained a mortgage. Now your journey to a new family nest can begin. Before you come to the house building itself, you have to find the right piece of land. How to?

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Advisor 19.05.2015

Why to insulate? What are the options?

You have probably noted that during last years, many family houses and apartment houses are being insulated. Have you ever thought about the options and materials used for this? And have you ever thought of the reason for it?

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Advisor 18.05.2015

Securing property against burglars

Who has experienced any burglary or a break-in into his house knows how uncomfortable it is. Who has not experienced it wishes not to find out. PC, TV, mobile phone, money….but you can also lose things that are not only valuable but also very close and in

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Advisor 24.04.2015

Purchaser representative at real estate transactions is no more a rarity

At every business deal there are at least two parties. This is valid also for real estate business. These parties are represented by seller and purchaser. In case of real estate transactions, the seller is represented by real estate agent. Who represents

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Advisor 21.03.2014

Fire protection better not to underestimate

Fire is a great servant but a bad master. Everyone knows this saying. By far not everyone takes it into account. How to protect our home against a fire?

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Advisor 21.02.2014

Property inspection

Purchase of a house or an apartment is one of the biggest investments in your life. Therefore you should really beware what you are buying and discover hidden faults in time. A small wet sport under the sink or a crack in a wall can become very costly lat

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Advisor 14.02.2014

Is it better to reconstruct old house or to build a new one?

Do you desire to have your own house and you are standing in front of a decision whether to reconstruct an old house or to build a new one? This decision is not easy at all. Both alternatives bring many positives but also negative aspects. If you choose r

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Advisor 10.02.2014

How to protect a house over the winter?

You return from vacation in the mountains or a winter holiday at the sea. You want to take a shower, turn the faucet…and nothing! The water had frozen. Also the water can freeze in a heater or a toilet. Other damages can occur when the ice breaks the tubi

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Advisor 07.02.2014

Popularity of virtual offices

Virtual office or virtual quarters is a service that is provided to entrepreneurs. Basic principal is that the owner of a virtual office leases the address to an entrepreneur. This address is registered in a commercial register. The address also can be co

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NEWS 03.02.2014

How to end proprietary to real property?

Are you an owner of a real property or are you planning to buy one? It is quite clear how to acquire a property. Do you also know how it is possible to end the possessive right to the property?

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Advisor 08.01.2014

2014 brings series of changes

With a wish of all the best in a new year we would like to introduce review of changes in real estate field.

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Advisor 06.12.2013

Property insurance after floods will not entail many changes

Although non-life insurance section has been stagnating for several years and it will climb on year 2003 level in 2015, in some cases property insurance prices can rise. This development is mainly caused by the greatest natural disaster- floods.

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Advisor 21.11.2013

Is it possible to secure a loan with property?

Do you want to solve your financial situation with a loan? If your close friends or family can’t help you, you cannot acquire consumer loan or it is not possible to obtain some purpose loan then there are several institutions left. They offer loans secure

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Advisor 19.11.2013

How to insure property?

If you are an owner of property you are likely to bear in mind how not to lose your property and use it at your pleasure. However you can lose the property due to several kinds of natural disasters and calamities. Therefore it is necessary to insure the p

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Advisor 14.11.2013

What is „property buy-out“? Is it profitable?

Would you like to sell your property? Then you supposedly want to sell it as fast as possible. Unfortunately sale of property is usually very complicated process that is everything but fast. On the contrary sale is dragging or seems to be practically impo

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Advisor 12.11.2013

Sub-supplier responsible for faulty supplied building

Are you purchasing a property? When taking over the keys, it is important to be on guard, even several following years, when it is possible to file a complaint for eventual defects on the property. From the beginning of 2014, new civil code comes into eff

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Advisor 06.11.2013

Courts decide alternatively about loan account fee reimbursement

If you take up a loan or mortgage at a bank, then the installments are often not the only income the bank receives. Next to the installments many banks charge fee for administrating loan account. Initiative fights for cancellation or reimb

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Advisor 04.11.2013

Is chimney control actually obligatory?

Do you own a house? Congratulations! Although with an ownership many responsibilities are bound including taking care of the property properly. Everyone will verify this responsibility never ends. One of those is a care of roof including chimney system. I

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